The milk

The milk Milk can be stored in the freezing chamber of the singlechamber refrigerator within weeks in freezing office of the twochamber refrigerator in a deep freeze months at deeper freezing at constant temperature ° With within months and more long Use of reserve stocks of milk It is possible to give just decanted chest milk to the child within several hours, without accepting special measures for preservation.

The milk kept for a long time, demands the special address.

To defreeze milk, put capacity with it in ware with warm water.

In process of heating of milk turn capacity circular movements to mix contents, and before feeding again shake a small bottle.

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It means

It means Look at a label on which it is written The product is grown up on organichesky fertilizers.

It means that the product is made taking into account rigid standards and checked by the independent organizations or the state governmental organization.

Certification includes farm checks, soil and water measurements and obligatory drawing up of acts.

On the land lots certificated on organic chemistry, chemical fertilizers within years should not be applied.

If to you the manufacturing farmer is not known, such certification the best proof of that the product bought by you is really pure from pesticides.

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My child never

My child never I will not understand, what here the tragedy if now is more senior to the child gets less tenderness and caresses, than once earlier when it in a family was only one.

The sense of my life is my child.

My child never will make an act, I threaten shchy to its health.

I have no time to get acquainted with friends of mine a benka.

Even if my child does not spend the night at home is its business.

My daughter son is a hundred times more capable, than the son daughter.

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The quiet

The quiet The table also showed, laziness and by that supported Christina's spirit if happened achieved Nicol's what successes everyone.

The quiet and positive approach helped to reduce Nikola's nervousness and made its using a toilet a usual part of daily life of a family.

Nicol adored the new, personalized toilet and quickly learned to use it, for what received a praise from the mother.

SMALL AMI ate We fight against night misunderstandingNikola again dressed and iodtnikitrusikn, which she , and that was prelegapleno it as positive uiar, instead of a failure.

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Recognition Croup.




Recognition and treatment of an inhalation allergy.

Questions of AIDS, arising at parents.

Measures for preservation of life and first medical care in case of accidents.

Three main .

The child choked.

When your child does not breathe talny analysis of measures of reanimation.


Injuries of the head.




Injury of eyes.

Injury of a nose.

Stings of insects.

Injury of teeth.

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Questions which

Questions whichWilliam Serz and Martha Serz YOUR CHILD Everything that you need to know about your child since the birth till two years TABLE OF CONTENTS Doctor Bill I am Martha to the readers PART I.

LET'S BEGIN FROM THE VERY BEGINNING BASES OF HOUSE EDUCATION Indissoluble communication what does it mean Education of the child.

Five rules of the behavior, strengthening connection with the child.

The method of indissoluble communication involves fathers in education of kids.

Questions which you could set.

That it is necessary to do, that childbirth was easy and safe.

Childbirth earlier and now.

Good news.

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He understood

He understood Forgive it this small deception, about a manna which, obviously, you compelled.

After all it a placenta ny possibility of your child to prolong pleasure of the communication there is nobody others, and with you as it was in that far,' unforgettable times lost the gold childhood when your kid, without having anythin could do everything only therefore, you allowed to do everything to it.

And here, thanks to the illness, it again suddenly out of zapno felt it, catching as if at the last straw.

He understood that necessary in the house.


it is necessary to you.


not outcast in a family.

And this honey of sudden enlightenment of the child is so sweet that almost interrupts taste of tar most fall ill vaniye it.

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